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Where vetted brands & influencers connect

and collaborate.

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Sign up -finding the right match is easy!

Once we verify you belong on the platform, you can start making money immediately!
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Find a user you'd like to work with.
Agree on a proposal in minutes.
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Find the right demographic

Everyone has a different audience they resonate with best, by going through our questionnaire upon sign up, we weigh each answer to against our proven scale to find you the match that fits right with your needs and audience.

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Find the right brand

With our process, you will have exposure to brands that share interest and values with your pre established audience. As you swipe, you can read up on every brand you see and decide who you want to represent and who doesn't align.

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Get paid!

Make your money! With a preset minimum value, no brands can low ball your value. You know your worth, and we won't let anyone tell you it's wrong! You set your rates and find the brand that values what you bring to the table.

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Perfect for Influencers

You don't need an agent - you need Waldoo
The power to monetize your audience in your own hands!  
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No more money left unread in your DMs
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$37.71 Billion

Spent on Social Media Ads in 2020 so far in just the United States


Of consumers depend on influencer recommendation prior to making a purchase

7 Billion

The current amount of social media users registered on the top platforms

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Using Waldoo was so simple and easy - like a dating app but for finding the influencer I wanted to represent my brand. 

Jenna Taskin , Bold NY

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